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ITP Lab and Research 





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ITP Lab and Research

Information Transmission and Processing Laboratory (ITP Lab) is in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The ITP Lab investigates both fundamental and applied issues in statistical signal processing and machine learning for communications. Currently, the ITP Lab focuses on cross-layer optimization for spectral- and energy-efficient networks, cognitive radios and opportunistic spectrum access, mmWave and THz communications, and vehicle networks.


Research Topics


Joining ITP Lab

For Ph.D. Students with Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

       Make sure your background satisfy the minimum requirements of the School of ECE and then complete your official application to the School of ECE, Georgia Tech, before the deadline.

       Email me your resume and transcripts from all universities you attended or are attending in the last week of February for fall admission or in the last week of September for spring admission (no earlier or later). 

       Only top candidates will be selected for phone interview and offers will be made based on the interview and the application materials.

For Ph.D. Students Requiring No GRA

       The procedures are the same as those requiring GRA except that it is less competitive.

For Visiting Scholars, Post-Docs, or Visiting Students

Send me your resume and transcripts for phone interview if you satisfy the following prerequisites:

       You have your own source(s) of funding to support your visit here and expect no financial support from ITP Lab.

       Your duration of visit will be half a year or more for a visiting professor and one year or more for a post-doc or a visiting student.

       For visiting scholars and post-docs, you have already had published or accepted papers in IEEE Transactions as the first author.

       Email me your resume and transcripts in the last week of January (no earlier or later) if you are supported by the China Scholarship Council (CSC).